Cobalt Polymers

Streamlining sample management and creating the coolest medical polymer tubing in the world.

(Fine, that last part wasn’t hard.)


Retro Branding for, well, Plastic.

But super serious plastic for medical devices. 

  • Start with Problem
    • Why did Cobalt Polymers need a rebrand? 
      • Streamline sample management
      • Create a beautiful, cohesive brand
      • Retro elements for a playful team, but a serious tone for a serious company. 
      • E-commerce option that would not interrupt their current work flow
      • Product images for plastic. 
  • "It feels like I'm at Disneyland. But a serious disneyland I can trust to create life-saving medical devices."
  • Robert Foley and Barry Schnur of Cobalt Polymers and representative David Schnur Associates. 
  • Who is the company that is worked on - summary about them
  • Process - end to end
  • Cobalt Polymers needed an easy way to manage their sample, first and foremost.
  • Creative Direction pitches: Worked with CP before, they had a playful vibe and we'd done some work in the past on a concept character named "Radioactive Man." Cobalt Polymers
CobaltPolymers_Branding1 Case Study.jpg