Cobalt Polymers

Streamlining sample management, growing in market share, and creating the sleekest medical polymer tubing brand in the world.

Empowering Efficient R&D for Medical Devices

Cobalt Polymers manufactures the highest grade, heat shrink medical polymer tubing available to today's market. Yet with powerful innovations on the manufacturing side steadily affecting a global market since 1999, their online presence hadn't received a meaningful upgrade since they first came online. Our partnership with Cobalt Polymers was more than a brand redesign, however, it was a look into the straightforward needs yet tinkering hearts of R&D engineers, the internal streamlining of sample management for a global customer base, and the support of a legacy team that needed a seamless integration into an already well-defined internal process.


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Complete Brand Strategy, Illustrations, Design, & Development.


Medical Device 

Target Customer 

R&D Engineers


Medical Polymer Tubing

Technical Objectives:

  • Free online sample ordering to lighten work load for a small internal team

  • Create a system that will allow for future integration of large, paid, bulk orders

  • Integrate the new system with current shipping processes and POS

Storytelling Objectives: 

  • Give R&D engineers the technical information they need to order the correct sample and get to testing, fast

  • Remind R&D engineers of the playful, builder heart that made them engineers in the first place