Living as an Act of Creation ~ 2018


“If you name me, you negate me. By giving me a name, a label, you negate all the other things I could possibly be.”

~ Søren Kierkegaard


You and everything you create is absolutely limitless.

I seek a continued freedom, an unleashing of the barriers I have unwittingly accumulated during the memories of my life thus past. Each layer of pain, each moment of fear and anxiety, is but a tunnel whose darkness ought to be met with excitement, for the other end holds with it a sweetness of breath you have not yet tasted. Hold this truth through each excursion of your creation, and do so as an act of service and contribution.

*I will read this weekly, every Sunday evening before closing out my weekend and beginning my week. If my actions and plans for the following week are not in line with that which I aim to create, I will reassess and implement accordingly.

**The outline of this 2018 vision is driven by the values in life I am called to create. Integration of these values is the driving force, and from each I delineate how they will be achieved -- namely relationships, career, education, and spiritual pursuits. Below that will be the specific supporting actions. Overlap between areas is not only okay, but encouraged and expected. To have supporting actions overlap between areas examines the truth of life - that we live not as a tree, with a branch of specificity living alone, ending with the blossom of its flower, but rather as a limitless galaxy with overlapping comprehensions of time, lives, thoughts, and actions.


I. The Driving Intentions

A. Area of Life

01. Creationary Intention within that Area of Life

a. Description

i. Supporting Actions

The Driving Intentions

I. Freedom from the Character, Expressing the Highest Self.


In order to live as fully and create as intentionally as possible, I will continue the journey of unraveling the character I have created in this life. As the genesis and practice of each habit, pain, fear, and perhaps even joys are understood, I will be empowered by the choice to keep it in my life or free myself from it’s hold.


II. Steadfast Creation.


To act, swiftly and mindfully in every moment of life.


III. Your Life as a Contribution.


To be fully integrated in the vision of creating a genuinely beautiful, self actualized world. Go inward as the limitlessness of you, and outward as the limitlessness of creation so others may do the same.

// The Areas of Life //




-- familial // romantic // friendship // partners // mentors --


Truly support the ones you share time with and allow them to occur as the best and most free version of themselves. Do not characterize and limit anyone based on experiences you share, instead viewing them from the limitlessness of who they truly are. Be authentic, be honest, and say the tough things when you’re called to. Create and contribute for the betterment of their lives and as a support to their creations.


01. Reframing The Emotional Wall.


a. You have a way of putting up a wall with those that know you the deepest and whom you love the most. You walk around as a shell of the human you truly are, with a fog of apathy occupying the space between you and them. This wall is a manifestation from a held forgotten feeling that has yet to be released.  

Someone wise once told me, “It’s not the sadness that kills you. It’s being sad about the fact that you’re sad.” In that way, do not worry when you become low or when you feel the ghost of apathy appear. Instead, explore the feelings. Explore them as sensations that transform and release as they’re given the breath of awareness.


Lean into the apathy the same way you lean into the sadness.


i. Supporting Actions to Destroy the Wall


  • Dive into your Tantra practice (Please note, anyone reading this who isn't familiar, tantra is much more than sacred sexuality. In fact, that's but a tiny sliver of a massive exploration of self, other, and consciousness.)  Satsang weekly, and find teachers, partners, groups of people you trust.
  • Landmark & Katie Byron
  • Daily yoga & meditation
  • The practice of honesty, authenticity, and exploration as it arises.
  • Questions to ask, as noted by Ashmi:
  • Why am I putting up a wall? How does it serve me? How might it be helping me protect myself/control or avoid being controlled/or avoid pain? What am I afraid of if I take the wall down? What beliefs do I have that might cause me to put up a wall?

02. Visit.

a. Visit friends and loved ones. Don’t ever change your open door policy.

i. Supporting Actions to Destroy the Visit

  • Chepe in Colorado (March)
  • Jeanie Baby in Wyoming (March)
  • Kristen in Portland (January)
  • An LA trip for the gang (TBD)
  • A few SF trips, but that’s obvious (TBD)
  • Family trip to Mexico (TBD)
  • Charlie trip (TBD)
  • Trip with mom (after 6 month mark, likely)
  • Whitney / Bayley witchy adventures 1x week


03. Healing the Family.


a. You’ve always felt external from the family, which has resulted in a difficulty in feeling integrated with yourself. With resentment, pain, and anger, you sought individuality as a coping mechanism, leading to dependence on others so as to overcompensate for lacking a familial support system. Find true independence by being present with your family and healing the wounds you’ve buried.

i. Supporting Actions to Healing the Family


  • Meditation practice 1x week on reworking family trauma.
  • Share your insights with the family member it revolved around. Share with them the recreation that was felt, and ask what their story was.
  • Recommendation from Ashmi: Ho'oponopono
  • Support Whitney and Ryan with every damn thing they do. They are going through the same homeward call as you are - finding their roots, finding who they are by relieving themselves of the person they’ve become. Love them through it, and be open to hear the pain they’ve projected toward you.
  • Writing Project with Dad
    • Watch a classic film twice per month, and share insights, memories, experiences via email. In this way you are creating a web of several intentions -- writing more, watching more film s, analyzing self and other, and speaking more with dad.
  • Create with Mom
    • Create jewelry line focused on Jungian archetypes. Have samples created by March. Equally a web of several intentions - reworking your relationship to money and how money has affected your relationship with family, especially mom, exploring archetypes as they live within you and the world, and being creative with that beautiful and creative and capable woman.




04. Mentorship & Partnership


a. You have long been a lone-wolf, finding value in proving you can do it all yourself. Turns out, other people are goddamn brilliant and have advice, insight, and experience that can and should be integrated into your creations and your life.

i. Supporting Actions to Mentorship & Partnership


A TEAM OF 5 IN 2018


They are dedicated to building out the agency from a place of bold intention and swift creation. They are a democratic leader who inspires integrity in their team because they lead with exactly that -- integrity in their word as it leads to action.  They are mission driven and believe in speaking to entrepreneurs from a place of fine detailing. Have wins behind their portfolio and have developed true relationships with their clients. Always growing and evolving. Does not view the world through the lens of competition, but collaborative creation.


"Human creativity takes on special responsibility, since the artist on earth give a form of life to something that cannot otherwise manifest in our world."

This person has a malleable, open aesthetic that reveals itself for the soul of the creation.  They will have bold intentions in everything they create and believe that beauty and imagery can recreate the occurrence of potential and accessibility within all beings. They see their work as a living, breathing being.


One who brings an infinitely capable realm into the visual and physical, testing the boundaries of how we interact with space and information.


They are integrated with the cyclical nature of completion coupled with emotional intelligence that motivates the team toward their highest possibility.


Steer the ship, Lauren Bayley.


The advisory board

Several of these people you’ve already found. Speak openly with them, and seek to speak with each of them once a month.  As insight provided by Jacquie, ”Preconceive what you want from your mentor: the genuine reason you want them to mentor you (what you’re hoping to get out of the mentorship and why you look up to them), time commitment, specific actions/modes of engagement, duration, and any other specifics you can nail down.”  



Someone whose sense of divinity is so integrated that when I look in their eyes I see the awareness of the ever-present infinite. They seek a mentee the same way I seek a mentor. Someone to pass their knowledge to so it may bleed into the actualization of every living being.


Someone who views money as a seed to be planted. They know the tree that lives within, and understand how to tend and care for it so it may reach its limitless potential and create forests upon forests.


A creative leader who can mold me into the creative leader that lives within. Someone who sees design as the creation of a beautiful, capable world. Who knows we create not simply to sustain, but so to live and to thrive.


An entrepreneur with a technical, engineering background. They see industry and business as a machine, and understand which levers must be calibrated to keep things running most effectively. Their language is precise, and empowers you to simplify your generally romantic way of speaking.



-- clients // company // vision of creation --


This years partnerships and creations will be more strategic than ever. You will be thoughtful, and always create from the perspective of how the project serves your mission -- to redesign the advertising industry to obliterate the ingrained competition and scarcity mindset.  Remember what you do - give form to spirit by creating physical manifestations of entrepreneurial visions that elevate people’s lives. As Ryan said, work with others who inhabit or seek to inhabit the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with the intention of helping others at the bottom, so one day we may all inhabit the top.


The businesses you touch will strive world-wide.  Let them.


01. The relaunch of the agency

a. Relaunching as a proper agency will be the largest physical creationary undertaking of 2018. Love every second, and be grateful for what you have been gifted the capabilities to create. Remember you are here to serve her so she may serve them.


Beautiful design and evocative language are the most powerful tools we have. They shape our reality and craft our perspectives. At --name in creation stage-- we use design and language to extract and define the identities of companies who are using technological, scientific, or societal progress to make a human need more accessible to all. In the short term, we are creating trust and economic viability for our partners. In the long term, we are helping to shape the evolving voice that humanity is choosing more and more to identify with -- obliterating the current competition and scarcity driven mindset, and replacing it with a value-set of abundance, accessibility, and collaboration.


**This is a brief breakdown. Yearly and Q1 projects management to follow.


i. Supporting Actions to Relaunching the Agency

  • Brand redesign - Assets
  • Name (January 15)
  • Logo (January 25)
  • Splash page -- coming soon page (Feb 1)
  • Website (TBD)
  • Business Cards (Feb 1)
  • Pitch deck  (Feb 1)
  • SEO Audit (Feb 15)
  • Packet for partners to pass off (% commission)
  • Emailable version of the packet
  • Email signature & email
  • Social media (reach out to the management company you found on UpWork. Personal and business)
  • Email to everyone you love about the new agency
  • Include links to social
  • Include PDF of offerings
  • Include new website, obviously
  • Company Relaunch
  • Financials -- broken down by cost of project with 25% profit for agency. Raise my hourly.. This will be for new clients -- will have to figure out how grandfathered clients will work.
  • Register as an LLC (January 25)
  • New bank accounts with a $2,500 nest egg for the company to create. This will be used to cover website, designs, marketing strategy for 3 months, etc.
  • Very clearly defined product offerings.
  • Business plan
  • Supporting Education
  • Toastmasters
  • Engineering class, civil
  • Project Management course
  • Join a design guild in Seattle.


02. Empowering client relationships


a. In the past you’ve questioned how the company or client can serve you. Now, instead, focus on how the company can serve humanity, and how you can serve that service. Be authentic in your words, release any concepts of power dynamics that present themselves, and live from the lens of creation.


i. Supporting Actions to Empowering Client Relationships


  • Set up yearly creation plans with each client. Hire people to support proper execution and visionary integrity.
  • Set up calls with each client by Jan 15
  • Have execution plans created by Feb 1
  • Become a project manager who actually executes. Read The Big Thing, implement suggested project management process. Do workshop on project management.
  • Set up weekly check-ins with clients, and work on one client per day per week with your Productivity Planner & Pomodoro Technique.



        -- // no longer fearing the void // --

You’ve hit another awakening this past year. You remembered that pain is for the sake of shedding, for the sake of realization. Continue to hold that truth so you may never fall blindly to it’s tricks again.

Be mindful, be grateful, and walk with reverence everyday.

01. Connecting with Higher Self, Silencing the Inner Voice

a. This year taught you that you are not your thoughts, nor are you your emotions. They are simply the manifestations that create your reality. In that way, guide them, love them, and support them toward a creationary and limitless reality.

i. Supporting Actions to Connecting with Higher Self, Silencing the Inner Voice


  • Meditation practice to silence the mind.
  • Integrating small, five minute meditation practices as outlined by Hareesh Wallis
  • Psychosomatic practices when you feel resistance toward an idea, person,  or event.
  • Daily yoga practice
  • Tantra practice
  • Understanding the emotional and thought driven imprints.
  • Landmark
  • This work is in some ways silencing the mind. By unhooking the story, you watch as the remaining thought processes fall before they even have the chance to arise.



02. Transforming my relationship with money


a. Being a youth with wealth and a teen in poverty left you simultaneously craving and detesting money. You viewed it as being entirely tied to your worth, while simultaneously exclaiming it was futile, lacking in any importance. You no longer view money as an emotional tie, but instead an external tool that has tremendous power to create positive change in this world.


i. Supporting Actions to Transforming My Relationship with Money


  • Read The Soul of Money (January 15)
  • Pay your taxes early this year (January 25th)
  • Monthly money review (1st of the month)
  • Set up budgets, track your expenses for business and personal mindfully and separately
  • New accounts for business once registered



Enjoy the discovery, Lauren Bayley.


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